Father's Day Gift Guide: For Dads Who Have Everything.

Father's Day Gift Guide Gifts for Men

Three Dads Reveal Their Favorite Items For Grilling And Relaxing At Home!


Is there a more iconic dad than George Banks from “Father of the Bride”? He plays hoops with Annie in the driveway, struggles to accept that she is growing up, and has an even tougher time adjusting to her upcoming marriage. While we all got a good laugh watching George squeeze into his tuxedo from 1975 and exclaim, “It still fits,” we know most men – dads, grandfathers, stepfathers and brothers – have better taste in home goods than George did that day up in the attic.


As Father’s Day approaches, it’s time to give the men in our lives the opportunity to make some of the decisions about the home goods and decor they use every day. They have opinions and aesthetics we should hear and honor. We want our father figures to feel comfortable, connected and relevant in the spaces that surround them. We want them to enjoy the same sense of belonging that means so much to us. 

To this end, we put together a Father’s Day uncommon housewares gift guide to help you shop for the influential men in your lives. We reached out to our own husbands, fiances, fathers, brothers and friends and asked them to tell us the things at The Dowry that they would love to get for Father’s Day this year. We saw some definite home trends in the types of gifts our men chose, and we hope that these suggestions help you shop with confidence.

See what our modern men want for Father’s Day!


  1. Fort Worth, TX. Engaged. Runs a consulting company.


Rolf Glass, Vienna Smoke Blue Short Tumbler

"It looks heavy. I like a glass with some weight to it. I think it would feel good in my hand."

Rolf Glass Vienna Short Tumbler

C-Los Carpentry, End Grain Cutting Board No. 2

“I just like the look of these wood cutting boards. I would use them when I cook and grill, especially for cutting and prepping meat.”

 C-los Carpentry End Grain Cutting Board

Rolf Glass, Cyclone Stemless Wine Glass

"The etched design is cool looking."

 Rolf Glass Cyclone Stemless Wine Glass

Rolf Glass, Diamond Whiskey Decanter

"This would look manly sitting out on my bar and showing off my whiskey."

 Rolf Glass Diamond Decanter



  1. Dallas. Father to two grown children. Teacher.


Lamson Cutlery, Premier 3-Piece BBQ Set

“Now that summer is here, men grill. Plain and simple. There’s something about using a cooking implement that could double as a weapon that seems to elevate testosterone exponentially.”

 Lamson Premier 3-Piece BBQ Set

JFR Glass, Aristocrat Short Tumbler

“Even though I drink a lot of cold beer from bottles in the summer, wrapping my hand around a solid, perfectly sculpted tumbler filled with ice and my favorite cocktail sounds pretty close to perfect.”

 JFR Glass Aristocrat Glass

Studio Herron, Throw Blankets

“The patterns are so artistically distinctive they could be framed. I also just enjoy watching a game or movie while sitting in my chair draped in a blanket.”

 Studio Herron Puzzle Throw

Brooklyn Slate Company, Square Slate Beverage Coasters

“The rugged stone look seems to call for one of the Aristocrat tumblers I mentioned earlier.”

 Brooklyn Slate Coasters

Santa Fe Stoneworks, Jewelry Carving Set

“I just like knives! I still have a hunting knife my parents gave me for my seventh birthday. And this set looks to be inlaid with turquoise, which I really like.”

Santa Fe Stoneworks Jewelry Carving Set 


  1. Salt Lake City. Father of five. Business strategy manager.


Lamson Knives, Pizza Rocker

“The pizza rocker caught my eye because we do a lot of pizza on the smoker at my house. Handheld pizza rollers are difficult to get right and just don't seem to give you the cut that you want. This thing looks amazing for accomplishing the simple task of cutting pizza!”

 Lamson Pizza Rocker

C-los Carpentry, End Grain Cutting Board No. 1

“What man doesn't want to cut meat on a refined piece of wood? The stain and size make these perfect for any prep work that needs to be done for your meal.”


 C-los Carpentry Cutting Board

Lamson Knives, Premier Tailgater 4-Piece Barbecue Set 15"

“You might see a recurring theme here. Anything that would assist in what I pull off the smoker or the grill has made it on my list.”


 Lamson Premier Tailgater BBQ Set

Lamson Knives Fire Forged Fillet/Boning Knife 6-inch and Lamson Knives Fire Forged Roast Knife 10-inch

“Having the right tool in my hand for prepping meat and carving the perfect slice to serve to family or guests is a must. The entire Lamson line looks amazing.”


Lamson Filet / Boning Knife Lamson Roast Knife



Thanks to Andrew, Bill and Steve for sharing their wish lists from The Dowry. To the men who have shaped us, supported us, cheered for us, grounded us, cried with us, and loved us, THANK YOU. Because of you we can reach our goals, understand our potential, throw a ball, cuss, and tell really, really lame jokes. 

Happy Father’s Day!

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