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Dirty Dancing Last Lift Scene

You know that scene when Johnny walks up to the table, extends his hand, and says, “Nobody puts Baby in a corner,” then proceeds to take her to the stage at Kellerman’s Resort, and they perform their well-rehearsed dance and dazzle us all with the lift of a lifetime? (“Dirty Dancing” is on Hulu, FYI). It makes me think about grooms and how they are often relegated to the corner when it comes to making decisions about home good essentials and decor for their wedding registries. To that I say: 



As your wedding day approaches, remember to let the groom in your life be up on stage shining side by side with you. He has opinions and aesthetics you should hear and honor. You want him to feel comfortable and connected to the space that he will also call home. You want him to enjoy the same sense of belonging that means so much to you. 

There are a lot of brides out there who are looking for ways to involve their grooms in the process of creating gift registries and homes they both can feel connected to.


As a fun exercise, The Dowry team asked our engaged and newly married couples to tell us what home goods they loved most at The Dowry and why.

We certainly noticed patterns in the types of unique home good products the men were drawn to, and think our anecdotal research can act as a good starting point to get your groom more involved in the wedding registry process.

Pick a few home good categories you know he’ll have opinions about, and let him be in charge. Remember, it's important for your groom to feel included in the process, win some of the debates and choose some of the uncommon houseware items. He cooks, entertains and relaxes in the same space you do, so he needs to feel every bit as proud and comforted by his surroundings. 


HENRY: 23. Park City, Utah. Recently married. Finance student.



“We don’t have a lot of outdoor space right now, so this seems like a great alternative to a big outdoor fire pit. We could use it through all seasons, indoors and out, and looks easy to use.”

 Flikr Fireplace

Town Cutler Knife Sets

“As a student, a nice set of knives is outside our budget right now. I wish we had registered for something like this when we got married. A quality set will last forever, and I love the idea of one of my kids using them in their own home someday.”

 Town Cutler Knives

The Baker's Board, Perfect Pizza Peel Boards

“Whether we are cooking homemade from scratch pizza, or just heating up a frozen pizza, these boards would make the entire process so much easier to take the hot pie in and out of the oven, and would make me feel like a pizza master.”

 The Bakers Board, Perfect Pizza Peel Board

Thread + Whisk, Rowan Grilling Apron

“As soon as I get a grill or smoker, I’d use these aprons all the time. I like the fact that they are manly looking, but that I have a place to wipe my hands! I am always forgetting to take paper towels out to the grill.”

 Rowan Grilling Apron

ROHIT: 30. San Francisco. Married five years. Investment banker. 


Kendall Davis Clay, Ansel Sake Set

“Sushi and sake is a great couples date night. This would elevate the experience.”

 Kendall Davis Clay Ansel Sake Set

Cook on Clay, Square Baker Casserole Set

“This rustic bakeware makes me feel like a gladiator chef. Bye, Le Creuset!”

 Cook on Clay Square Baker

L’Impatience Ceramics, Deep Plate With Chopsticks

“Asian food should be a staple in your diet with amazing dishes to go with it.”

 L'Impatience Ceramics Deep Plate with Chopsticks

Sea Stones, Granite Whiskey Chilling Stones

“The name says it all. These coasters are just really cool and the stones are super unique.”

Sea Stones Whiskey Chilling Stones

Studio Herron, Euclid Throw Blanket

“Most throws have feminine designs. The unique pattern of this throw isn’t something you see often. Plus, I like classic colors like gray, navy and white. I tend to pick furniture, paint and rugs in these neutral shades. This throw would serve as a good pop of color while staying true to my style.”

Euclid Throw Blanket

CAM: 23. Fort Worth, Texas. Married 3 months. Videographer and campus ministry.


Outward Cartography, Custom Map Pint Glasses, Set of 2

“The custom map pint glass gets me excited. I really like the idea of putting my city on my pint and keeping that forever. Or maybe it's a map of a location that’s special to me and my wife, our school, our date spots, etc. I would definitely pick those up.”

Outward Cartography Pint Glasses

Alabama Sawyer Ice Bucket

These handcrafted ice buckets would be a great addition to our small home bar. I think I would use these not only for white wine or champagne, but also for my bottles of beer to serve to my guys cold.”

Alabama Sawyer Ice Buckets

Untitled_Co., Damien Oak Catchall Tray

“I am a man who loves practicality, and nothing is more practical than a catchall tray. The Damien Oak catchall tray is a sweet accessory and one that I would love to have had on my wedding registry.”

Untitled_Co. Damien Oak Catchall Tray

Alabama Sawyer Magnetic Knife Holder

“I’m a guy who loves to grill, so this barbecue set is definitely on my wish list. I really like the sturdy walnut handle as well as the bag that protects them and keeps them organized. I will for sure be using these this summer!”

Alabama Sawyer Magnetic Knife Holder 


A big thanks to Henry, Rohit and Cam for sharing their unique household item wish lists from The Dowry. We hope this motivates you to include your groom in the wedding registry process and trust his instincts. After all, he picked you!!


You can save any non-purchased wedding gifts your groom picked out and buy them for future birthdays and anniversaries. Such a great perk!

If you’re struggling to mix your design styles with your significant other on your wedding gift registry, read Five Steps to Blend Design Styles, and for a complete list of what to include on your wedding registries, download The Dowry Wedding Registry Checklists.

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