Barro by Lucrecia

Meet the Maker, Lucrecia Troncoso, of Barro by Lucrecia, a visual artist and ceramicist living, creating and designing in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Lucrecia throws a variety of ceramic collections ranging from utilitarian mugs, espresso cups, kettles and carafes to vases, plates, saucers and bowls with lacy details.

Lucrecia of Barro by Lucrecia

Lucrecia, a ceramicist since her childhood, makes and sells ceramic tableware and decor. She is a multidisciplinary artist born and raised in Argentina who lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Having a strong background in Ceramics, she graduated with a Master of Fine Arts in New Practices from San Francisco State University in 2005, and has exhibited locally and internationally. She also completed residencies at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Art in Omaha, Nebraska, where she received an Emmy Gifford Foundation Fellowship, and at the Santa Fe Art Institute, among others.

Lucrecia explores the materials that make up the things of the world: clay, plaster, chips of stone, canvas, sewing thread, color pencils, wooden boards … She tries to imagine these materials as their own entities in a world where consumerism, marketability, advertising—and often cultural motives—do not exist. How then, will these materials manifest themselves? How, if at all, will people engage with them? Will we still use plaster to make buttery-smooth walls in our homes, thread to make trinkets for loved ones, and colored pencils or paints to depict landscapes?

To answer these questions, Lucrecia works to peel the bias off of any material where it may have attached, and try to get to the material’s essence. She then begins labor-intensive and methodical processes, which, instead of transforming a material, absurdly preserve it. These explorations take her to the inherent physical qualities of materials and throw light upon modern society’s purpose and understanding of them. Her hope is that materials become autonomous, and people, acquainted with new realizations. 

Though each of her collections, FORM, LACE and MICA are vastly different they come from the same origins in hand-built clay (each piece is worked with absolute care, loved with each finger touch) that is thoughtfully shaped and infused with Lucrecia’s belief that a beautiful dish is a meeting point between people and the world, and designed to give sensations of joy and well-being. Without losing sight of its origins in mud, each piece is refined for an ethereal and distinct existence rooted in morphological and chromatic simplicity.

Each piece is handmade one-by-one, selectively glazed, light-weight, and food-safe. Lucrecia uses low impact processes, reuses materials when possible, to conserve our resources and create beautiful and consciously responsible stoneware.

Her wish is that these ceramic dishes, when held, awaken the desire not only to use, but to nourish and to care for the earth, others, and self. Come shop Barro by Lucrecia at The Dowry, we know there is something there you’ll fall in love with.


Welcome to Barro by Lucrecia!

 “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” Thomas Merton



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