Bobby Sharp Glassworks

Meet the Maker, Bobby Sharp, of Bobby Sharp Glassworks Studio, on historic Franklin Mountain just outside Oneonta, New York.

Bobby Sharp uses extremely pure raw glass in his glass furnace to make thoughtfully formed and simple shaped tumblers, carafes, decanters, pitchers and champagne flutes that become artistic form for your home and bar. He is inspired by hundreds of years of artistry and form, from the great Greek architects to Bauhaus designers.

Bobby began as a sculptor, and as he moved to glass he started imbedding images into plastic {his first image was of Jimi Hendrix} using glass. He has done it all, from living in Costa Rica blowing glass products for architects to owning his own gallery in New York City. Bobby went to Corning Museum of Glass, where he met an Italian glass master who taught him to make the glass pure, clean, and clear.

He now has his own shop  {owning his own equipment} and business, where he uses blow molds {a technique from Milan, Italy} and uses Murano and Cane glass which is very inventive and creative. 

Bobby’s designs resonate with your senses much the same way a perfect pitch does; bringing balance to a chaotic world but with an assurance that the object is equal parts functional and beautiful.

All this gives new meaning to the tradition of blown glass that is more than a utility object, and like works of art can become part of a family inheritance.


Welcome to Bobby Sharp Glassworks!

“The aim of life is self-development. To realize one’s nature perfectly – that is what each of us is here for.” – Oscar Wilde
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