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Elytra Textiles

Meet the Maker, Chelcie Wudtke, of Elytra Textiles in Chicago, IL. She currently designs and weaves small batch, custom, hand-woven fabrics. She weaves with American cotton from Georgia.

Chelcie of Elytra Textiles

All her kitchen hand towels, bath hand towels, table runners, pillows and wall hangings are woven from an eight-harness wooden floor loom.

Chelcie was studying vocal jazz when she first started dabbling in handcrafted art and textiles. She immediately fell in love with it, and a few months later was attending the Art Institute of Chicago.

Weaving keeps Chelcie centered, focused and calm. It’s a completely immersive meditative process that brings her a lot of healing and confidence. 

Chelcie founded Elytra (pronounced el-uh-truh) in 2013 and it’s currently a one woman operation located in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago. Her other passions include yoga, old jazz and really good coffee.


Welcome to Elytra Textiles!


“Making fabric, thread by thread, is meditative and healing.” - Chelcie Wudtke


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