from: fran

Meet the Maker, Fran Aldea of From:Fran in Brooklyn, New York where she crafts small batches of porcelain mugs and cups in Sculpture Space NYC. 

Fran’s love of design and color began while at university where she studied graphic design. After finishing her education she worked in retail scouting trends and picking color palettes, but something was missing. She wanted to work with her hands. 

Her relationship with pottery started in 2013 when she started making mass-produced pieces with the slip casting technique. She has explored the possibilities of wheel throwing, mold making, slip casting and hand-building, but is constantly inspired by this last technique.

She started studying under talented Chilean ceramic and textile artists, ultimately creating a collection together. In 2016 her husband got a scholarship to study in New York. That’s when she created her own brand, from: fran.

Fran creates beautiful plates, mugs and espresso cups. She loves being a part of the beginning and closing rituals of everyday life by shaping and painting these unique mugs and espresso cups that urge us awake and lull us to sleep. 


Welcome to from: fran!


“Color is a power which directly influences the soul.” Wassily Kandinsky

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