JKH Ceramics

Meet the Maker Jennifer Huskey, a self-taught ceramic artist and designer living and creating in her own studio, JKH Ceramics, in Savannah, GA. 

Using white and dark stone clays, as well as porcelain, Jennifer creates organic inspired pottery complimentary of most interior design styles. Her vases, platters, bowls, and candleholders reference her local landscape with its unspoiled barrier islands, dense maritime forests and winding tidal marshlands. 

Jennifer uses a variety of ceramic arts techniques to create her functional pottery, often altering the wheel-thrown form with a conspicuous touch of her hand. The tenets of wabi-sabi, the Japanese aesthetic promoting imperfection, impermanence, and incompleteness, are touchstones for everything she makes.

Her work is created to spark joy in everyday activities, remind us of, and reconnect us to, our natural environment. 

Take a look at JKH Ceramics at The Dowry for refreshing and contemporary ceramics.


“Nature is pleased with simplicity” - Isaac Newton


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