Kendall Davis Clay

“...The height of sophistication is simplicity.” - Clare Boothe Luce, Stuffed Shirts 

I work with one simple credo: mindful designs for life. 

Fort Worth Texas is home where I throw my poetically simple ceramic designs in an artsy alcove of the city called Magnolia. My store and studio show my deep reverence for two of my greatest creative inspirations: Ansel Adams, a photographer best known for his starkly beautiful black and white landscapes; and Agnes Martin, an abstract expressionist whose work is often described as being minimalist. 

Each piece in my collections Agnes and Ansel are 100% designed and handmade. Beginning with a bag of clay I throw, trim, and dry each item before firing twice to achieve the perfect finish.

My pragmatic designs uncovers beauty in the simplicity of shape and color and my hope is that my work will become not just a functional part of your kitchen and dining experience but a reflection of your design aesthetic as well. 

Welcome to Kendall Davis Clay, I’m the owner and artist, Kendall Davis.

Kendall Davis Clay Collections

  • Agnes 
  • Ansel