Lafayette Avenue Ceramics

“Philosophy is really nostalgia, the desire to be at home.” - Novalis

Originally from Philadelphia, I moved to Phoenix in 2008 to major in ceramics at Arizona State University. Here, surrounded by an unfamiliar landscape, I fell in love with the Arizona heat and the most alive and vibrant sunsets I’ve ever seen. 

My mission: to connect, nourish, and sustain is my passion and I love to share what I know through my work designing and handcrafting ceramics. 

In Ventnor City, New Jersey- right next to the famous Atlantic City- is a quaint street where the front doors are always open and families gather out on the front porch to enjoy the ocean view. On this street, Lafayette Avenue, was a small grey house with a red door. This city, this street, and behind the sun faded red door, is where my family is from and it is my heart, soul and inspiration.

I hope my work makes you feel as nostalgic as it makes me.

Yours, Jillian Schimmel

Lafayette Avenue Collections

  • Tide
  • Dock
  • Dipped

Lafayette Avenue Ceramics pieces ordered December 2019 will ship January 2020.  Thanks!