Lava Linens

“By believing passionately in that which doesn't exist, you create it and that which has not been sufficiently desired is what we call the non existent -” - Nikos Kazantzakis

Lava Linens is a family-owned, mother-daughter company, founded in 2018 in Boulder, Colorado. We value health, diversity and deeply respect our natural environment. Lava Linens has simple, natural and expertly crafted travel towels ideal for your daily adventures and annual expeditions. 

While preparing for a backpacking trip in 2016, Mary needed a travel towel that would hold up for a nine month period, require minimal space in her pack, dry quickly, and not develop an odor over time. She discovered Linen.

Not only did linen fit the desired criteria, she learned the qualities and benefits of the fabric far exceed her original hopes: quick to dry, naturally antimicrobial, odor resistant and remarkably durable. A partnership with her mother, soon followed and Lava Linen travel towels are quickly becoming a must-have travel accessory. 

Thank you for shopping Lava Linens. We are a daughter and mother team.

    Lava Linen pieces COMING SOON!