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MJ Wood Co.

Meet the Maker, Melia Nunez, of MJ Wood Co. in Austin, Texas. 

Her handcrafted wooden coasters, planters, bookends, cutting boards and docking stations are made with the intention of bringing organic elements and natural materials into your home and design.

Melia Nunez founder of MJ Wood Co.

With no formal training but a deep passion for wood grain and creating organic functional home decor, Melia began working with wood and felt like she had found her calling. 

She started out in 2019 clueless to everything about woodworking. Over time she's grown to build pieces that she thought were nearly impossible to do on her own. Each day she dedicates herself to learning new techniques and pushing herself to problem solve on her own. Now she challenges herself to take the techniques she's learned to build beautifully designed pieces for your home.

Melia aims to create designs that make an impact in your home. Her process begins with a question, 'Why?' When you invest in home decor it becomes something you see everyday, so it is important that item serves a purpose. The purpose could be the aesthetic of making a space feel whole, or the purpose could be you need an added functionality like a piece to hold a succulent. This is why Melia works to infuse functionality and good design into her products. This is the love and effort she puts into every single piece she sends out.

Melia is a champion for trying new things, and she loves the simplicity of modern and boho decor and focuses on making well designed items to enhance the warmth and aesthetic of the many places we all call home. 

Welcome to MJ Wood Co.!


“To expect the unexpected shows a thoroughly modern intellect.” - Oscar Wilde


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