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Monarch Glass Studio

Meet the Maker, Tyler Kimball, founder of Monarch Glass Studio, located in the historic 18th and Vine district of Kansas City, Missouri. Tyler is the lead gaffer, and designs and crafts colorful hand blown glass gemstone cup tumblers, bedside bottles with carafe and cup, lace patterned stemless wine glasses, whiskey glass tumblers, wine decanters and more with his team at Monarch Glass.

Tyler founder of Monarch Glass
Tyler started out making stained glass panels and recognized how light changed and enhanced his work. His understanding of working with and manipulating light comes from his father who worked as a career lighting designer.

After pursuing his own career as a journalist, Tyler realized he was more interested in turning his passion for glasswork into something beyond a hobby, and thus began his glass career journey. He started out working in the cold shop at a local studio, polishing and grinding, but soon found himself working with hot glass, making his own creations as a glassblower. 

Tyler spent ten years working for various studios and artists in Seattle. He has participated in dozens of artist residencies and visiting artist stints internationally. He has also attended and taught at multiple educational facilities and colleges in the USA. Kimball uses traditional glassblowing techniques and contemporary designs to create his unique pieces.

Tyler is inspired by the natural play between glass and light. He favors clean lines, simple, elegant shapes, and colorful glass. "Glass is fun, light, and bright. I try to reflect that in the work I make with the material. There's no reason to try to hide the natural beauty that exists within glass."


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