Meet the Maker, Amy Adams Ratliff, founder and industrial designer behind PERCH OBJECTS in Hudson Valley, New York.

Amy began working with ceramics in 2003 in Brooklyn, NY. In 2017 Amy transitioned from ceramics to wood and brass, developing her new line of home decor wall hangings, sculptures and table lamps, while also being a full time mom in the Hudson Valley.

She started her career in Brooklyn, working for a lighting designer, as well as holding jobs at West Elm and with David Weeks, but was making ceramics on the side, in a shared studio. She finally got to the place where she had her own studio in Red Hook, NY, and was selling wholesale. She was participating in the Brooklyn Flea and Renegade Craft Fair. Her ceramic work was simple, white, functional, Scandinavian-inspired.

Now, after years of only working in clay she has started revisiting materials, like brass, concrete and wood and getting much more experimental with her ceramics in the process. She has been working on new functions for her items as well - many items we carry below are non-functional, decorative items,  just home decor objects ... but she hopes they convey the same feelings as her previous functional ceramic work.  She would love to add new vases, garden pots and lighting to the collection as well!

As an industrial designer by training, Amy fights the urge to over plan the objects she creates. She really tries to keep spontaneity present in her creative process, so the objects speak of their concepts and process. But in fact, each starts with a sketch model, glaze trial, technical drawing and probably numerous failed attempts before she lands on a product she will actually sell.

The PERCH OBJECTS studio produces design forward, handmade objects for you and your home.




"The details are not the details. They make the design." - Charles Eames