Santa Fe Stoneworks

Meet the Makers, Bill Wirtel and family, of Santa Fe Stoneworks. In the shadows of the Sangre de Cristo mountains outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico sits a century-old adobe ranch house where artisans handcraft knifes of rare beauty.

They create one-of-a-kind custom kitchen cutlery and waiter's corkscrews. Their kitchen cutlery designs and collections are each a unique example of the cutler’s art - the quintessential marriage of fine steels with gemstones and shell.

To use the Santa Fe Stoneworks name, you know each piece has completed a journey of countless painstaking steps. An artistic journey we travel, some say, to perfection. Their work has a lifetime guarantee, and you can also send your knifes back to be cleaned and sharpened!

Celebrating 40 Years! Handcrafted in America Since 1978.


Welcome to Santa Fe Stoneworks!


  • Gemstone
  • Spalted Beech
  • Vein Turquoise
  • Mammoth Tooth
  • Mammoth Tusk

“We coax the soul out of stone, wood and steel.” - Anna Miles

The Dowry adheres to each artists return and damage policy, view here.