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The Riley/Land Collection

Meet the Maker, Joseph Riley Land (JRL), founder of The Riley/Land Collection, a lifestyle tastemaker in Smyrna, Tennessee. Joseph brings his special collection of JRL branded wooden kitchen utensils and serveware to The Dowry.

The collection includes biscuit cutters, spoons, rolling pins, muddlers, cutting boards and cake stands. These artisanal products add warmth, texture and story to your living space. 

Joseph was born and raised in a small rural town in Tennessee. He grew up living an organic existence long before it was a trending lifestyle choice. He ate his first store-bought jelly while in college, and noticed right away that they were inferior to the elderberry, pear and muscadine jellies his mama made. Joseph’s childhood gave him a natural preference for the finer things in life, and positioned him well for his career. 

Joseph worked in management with brands like Godiva and Williams-Sonoma, and has learned from influential leaders like Collin Abraham, owner of Pollen Nation Events {who handled President Obama’s inauguration and Jay-Z and Beyonce’s wedding}.

Combining his luxury lifestyle brand with his rustic childhood, JRL emerged as a tastemaker who sees trends before they happen. Joseph feels an undeniable obligation to provide opportunities for everyone to work with, cook with, and enjoy products sourced directly from the makers ~ often artisans living in small rural towns similar to his own roots. 

Welcome to the Riley/Land Collection!


"In small towns people scent the wind with noses of uncommon keenness." -- Stephen King

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