Steak Knife Set
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Hammered Damascus Mammoth Tusk Steak Knife, Set of 4

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Damascus Steel is characterized by it’s strength, edge holding ability, and it’s dramatic appearance. The Damascus Steel used in our knives comes from Japan and is called “Sanmai Damascus” or Sandwich Damascus. There is a core of vg-10 steel with 16 layers of stainless steel on each side to produce a rust free Damascus look blade.

The material in these knife handles is Woolly Mammoth Tusk, the undersides of Woolly Mammoth Tusks often show wear, suggesting that they were used in scraping snow and ice off of the ground cover of vegetation during feeding.

They also used their tusks for protection from predators, attraction during mating and as a display of dominance to other Woolly Mammoths. We proudly show our respect by using this material in our best knives. These steak knives come in a set of four.


  • Set of 4
  • Handmade
  • 9 inches
  • All stone and shell are hand sanded and put into a panel
  • Panel is hand sanded
  • Designed and preplanned by craftsman
  • Hafting of the handle 
  • Quality checked
  • Polished on a wheel
  • Made in the USA 

Care Instruction

  • Dishwasher is not recommended, hand wash only
  • When not in use, keep your cutlery in the gift box in which it came. After use, wash the blade with soap and water, wipe down the handle with a soft cloth, and dry the piece before putting it away. Occasionally, wipe down the handle with a good quality, liquid furniture polish to maintain its luster.
  • Use a good, medium/fine stone or steel to sharpen, moistened with light oil.
  • Be sure to maintain the same angle for each stroke (we recommend a 20° angle for a good, general-purpose edge).
  • Count your honing strokes; then turn the blade over and hone with an equal number of strokes.
  • Start strokes with heavy pressure, then ease off to a lighter pressure and finish with a light stroke — both sides.
  • NOTE: Never use a power-driven grinding wheel to sharpen your knife. This can heat the blade to the point where its temper (a hardening process accomplished by heating and quenching) is damaged.

Ship Time

  •  1-2 weeks

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