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Jewelry Bread Knife

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The Jewelry Series product line is what we are known for. We feature Turquoise from the Southwest, Azurite from Arizona, Lapis from Afghanistan, Apache Gold from Arizona & Oregon and Truestone™ Malachite. We accent them with Mother-of-Pearl & Coral from the Philippines and Jet or Black Amber from the Southwest.

Functional, beautiful and of the highest quality.


  • Handmade
  • 13.5 inches
  • All stone and shell are hand sanded and put into a panel
  • Panel is hand sanded
  • Designed and preplanned by craftsman
  • Hafting of the handle 
  • Quality checked
  • Polished on a wheel
  • Made in the USA 

Care Instruction

  • Dishwasher is not recommended, hand wash only
  • When not in use, keep your cutlery in the gift box in which it came. After use, wash the blade with soap and water, wipe down the handle with a soft cloth, and dry the piece before putting it away. Occasionally, wipe down the handle with a good quality, liquid furniture polish to maintain its luster.
  • SERRATED MODELS: To sharpen a serrated blade (such as those found on our Spyderco® knives), it will be necessary to buy a sharpener designed specifically for this purpose. This you can buy through us or through any reputable cutlery shop. Be sure to ask for a sharpener made specifically for serrated blades!

Ship Time

  •  1-2 weeks

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