Round Vase with Macrame Hanger
L'Impatience Ceramics

Round Vase with Macrame Hanger

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A fun way to add a potted plant to your space without worrying where to sit it; just hang it in this all-white vase and natural fiber macrame hanger. A light clear glaze on the inside adds a smooth texture contrasted with the raw and rough unglazed clay exterior. Consider Burro’s Tail, English Ivy or Maidenhair Ferns since they trail down without adding a lot of volume at the top.


  • Round all-white stoneware vase 6 inches x 6 inches
  • Hand-thrown on a potter’s wheel
  • Sizing and finish may vary from item to item
  • Macrame Hanger: 36 inch length, 100% cotton rope, wooden ring, brown microfiber suede.
  • Made in the USA

Care Instruction

  • Dishwasher safe, but hand washing is recommended
  • Spot clean macrame hanger

Ship Time

  • 6 weeks

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